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  • Lunar New Year Greeting Party 丨 Forge Ahead and Stay True to the Mission to Notch up Yet Another Success!

  • 2020-01-22

  • “Forge Ahead and Stay True to the Mission to Notch up Yet Another Success”Houpu held its grand 2020 lunar new year greeting party,with its staff to ring in spring!

    节目概况入场(Participants scanning the QR code to sign up for the event and drew a lottery)

    领导致辞Vice Chairman Jiang Tao delivering the opening speech

    First of all, he profusely thanked the participants and shareholders present and extended his festival greetings to them. He then pointed out that Houpu made high achievements and entered a new stage in business in 2019. In 2020, we will continue to promote standardized management under the leadership of the management headed by General Manager Huang, constantly innovate ways and means, improve quality and efficiency, and notch up new successes.黄总讲话

    (General Manager Huang Yaohui made a speech)

    She pointed out that in 2019 Houpu sweated over its projects and pulled out solid progress through hard work, winning multiple honors, setting loads of records and presented an amazing answer sheet. She hoped that in 2020 everyone would continue to keep their morale high, ensure safety in production and avoid “grey rhino” or “black swan” events in quality. She stressed that the strength of a team lies in its unity and cooperation, and hoped that everyone could pool resources to attain the shared goal. The new year is set to promise a lot if Houpu races against time, lives up to expectations and stands united. Finally, she extended her Lunar New Year greetings to all and wished them wellness and happiness during the festival.表彰颁奖

    In 2019, Houpu people worked diligently, and a number of teams and individuals stood out as top performers. They furthered the cause of Houpu passionately, innovatively and pragmatically.

    You are the role model and emerging talent at Houpu!

    Let us continue to work towards new successes in 2020!


    A festival opening dance “Decorate with Lanterns and Streamers” kicked off the greeting party.


    General Manager Huang’s recitation of “Farewell to Cambridge” brought the party to its first climax. The emotional recitation drew a great roar of applause from the audience.


    The interactive lottery before the large screen was full of excitement and surprises.


    The musical “The Best Stage” told of Houpu’s mission to “improve the human environment” through talk-like singing. The dance “Houpu Disco” narrated Houpu’s outstanding achievements in 2019. “The Spring of Craer,” “Dream of Andisoon” and “My Motherland” presented a lively picture of Houpu’s endeavors. The humorous, incomparable musical “What Do You Say” performed by the Houpu leadership was greeted by a loud cheer. The sketch “Product of Craftsmanship and Conscience” brought the party to a new climax. The performance in which men dressed as women was greeted with peals of laughter. The dramatic story profoundly interpreted the artisan spirit embodied in production and product delivery. Finally, the chorus “Ode to Motherland” performed by all Houpu staff brought the greeting party to a perfect conclusion.

    2020 has come as promised

    Let us work together to attain the shared goal

    Let us race against time and live up to expectations

    Let us stand united to notch up new successes

    Let us be united in one purpose!

    I wish youa happy new year, good health,fortune and all the best in the Year of the Rat!