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  • The 2019 Annual Work Review Meeting of Houpu Kicked Off

  • 2020-01-17

  • Houpu Clean Energy Co., Ltd. called its 2019 annual work review meeting under the theme of “pooling resources, improving quality and efficiency, and seeking progress while maintaining stability” from January 15 to 16, 2020. Chairman Wang Jiwen, Vice Chairman Jiang Tao, General Manager Huang Yaohui, Deputy General Managers Liao Jinbing, Huang Ling and Hu Wanling, and Chief Financial Officer Luo Biyun, among other leaders of the company, attended the meeting.

    (Group photo of leaders attending the meeting)

    At the meeting, over 20 middle-level and senior officials of all the divisions and subsidiaries of Houpu reported on their work under the titles of “Work Undertaken in 2019,” “Problems in Work” and “Goals and Plans for 2020.” These wide-ranging, in-depth and full reports paved the way for a good start of work in 2020.会议现场

    (Work review meeting)

    To further ensure quality and safety, five Houpu subsidiaries—Craer, Xinyu, Hongda, SIoT and Andisoon—signed the 2020 Quality Commitment Letter and the 2020 Production Safety Liability Statement with the parent company at the work review meeting.

    (Signing ceremony)
    (Group photo of agreement-signing leaders)

    General Manager Huang Yaohui pointed out that in 2019, Houpu did overall planning for production and management, boosted internal management with the market and economic returns in mind, conducted stringent cost management, adjusted the quotation mechanism, expanded its overseas markets, stepped up quality management, achieved the strategic goals set, and secured intermediate results. Houpu would raise its confidence, go for its target, and prioritize the process to complete its annual task in 2020. She stressed that safety is the foundation and quality is the life of business operation. Houpu should be unbending in ensuring safety and avoiding “Black Swan Events” in quality in 2020. It should be determined to “promote quality with regulation” and implement the idea of “work on an hourly basis.” It should also spare no effort to foster an enterprise culture, build a combat-worthy, motivated team, and get to grips with all tasks.黄总讲话

    (Speech by General Manager Huang)

    Vice Chairman Jiang Tao spoke highly of Houpu’s achievements in 2019 and thanked all its divisions sincerely for their hard work. He observed that thanks to the contributions made by Chairman Wang and the Houpu leadership including General Manager Huang, the company presented an amazing answer sheet in 2019 and laid a solid foundation for future development. In 2020, the staff should work together to make Houpu better and greater.

    (Speech by Chairman Jiang)

    Chairman Wang Jiwen made the concluding speech. He pointed out that Houpu pulled off impressive results in 2019. It rebuilt its confidence, put corporate governance in order, came up with more explicit ideas for development, substantially improved day-to-day operations, and saw qualitative changes. He stressed that in 2020 Houpu would keep “three accounts”: early-year buyer buying on credit, year-end audit and year-end verification, and continue in the spirit of the conference that we are to “pool resources, improve quality and efficiency, and seek progress while maintaining stability.” He proposed that Houpu highlight the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, establish asset hedging and appreciation and smooth corporate operation as the basic objective, work towards the long-term goal of steadily improving employee income and welfare, energetically pursue quality and credit, and see the continuous creation of intangible corporate assets as the recipe for business success. Chairman Wang also noted that Houpu would frame the concept of “enterprise first,” correctly handle the relationship among investors, enterprises and staff, espouse the management philosophy of “people first,” and strive to build a tiptop team. He hoped that however difficult the mission may seem, Houpu would draw on the wisdom of its staff to attain the shared goal in 2020.江总讲话

    (Concluding remarks by Chairman Wang)