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  • Friendship First, Competition Second: Production Management Department Successfully Holds Winter Sports

  • 2019-12-31

  • In order to promote the construction of enterprise culture, enrich the spare-time life of employees and strengthen the communication among employees, the production management department successfully held the winter sports on the afternoon of December 30.


    group photo for Sports Meeting

    The winter sports include 4×100m relay race, individual middle and long distance race, tug of war and other events. It is divided into 6 teams, 29 participants, including the "sorting" team, "rectification" team, "swiping" team, "cleaning" team, "literacy" team and "learning" team. Prizes such as scalding machine, heat preservation kettle, computer desk, electric baking pan, socks, laundry detergent, towel, soap, etc. are provided.

    A Glimpse of the Sports

    During the winter sports, the participating athletes were enthusiastic and encouraged each other. In the 4×100 relay race, the athletes fought bravely, stood up immediately after falling down and continued to run, demonstrating their unremitting sportsmanship. In the individual middle-long distance race, some athletes who are physically exhausted finish the race with the help and support of their opponents. Although they are the last one reaching the destination, they have fully demonstrated the sports spirit of "friendship first and competition second". In the tug-of-war competition, the athletes even made their full strength and grabbed the rope with their whole bodies. Some even rubbed their hands red and did not give up, conveying to us the sports spirit of fighting and enterprising.4x100米接力赛掠影

    A Glimpse of 4×100 Relay Race

    A Glimpse of Individual Middle and Long Distance Running
    A Glimpse of Tug-of-war

    After fierce competition, the "learning" team won the first place in the 4×100 relay race, while the "literacy" team and the "clearing" team won the second and third place in the relay race respectively. In the individual middle and long distance race, Zhao Jingfei, Yang Peng and Hou Jiacheng won the top three respectively. The "safety" team won the tug-of-war by a 2-0 margin.

    Awarding Site

    After the competition, General Manager Huang Yaohui made a conclusion speech. She pointed out that the colleagues in the production management department had shown their friendship and remarkable athletic performance in the competitions of the winter sports, perfectly demonstrating the Olympic spirit. At the same time, the sports is also of great significance to enhance the team cohesion, stimulate the vitality of the staff and enliven the atmosphere of the company. She stressed that in the future, the company should normalize such sports, enrich the corporate culture and enhance the physical exercise of its employees.

    General Manager Huang Yaohui Making the Speech