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  • Craer Company invited the Institute of Houpu Marine Research to exchange learning

  • 2019-08-16

  • Pioneering thedevelopment of hydrogen energy and natural gas marine use is becoming animportant part of the strategic plan of Houpu Holding. Craer company keeps upwith the development direction of the joint stock company. On the afternoon ofAugust 16, 2019, Wu Weidong, director of the Marine Research Institute of theHoupu Institute, visited the company's Shuangliu base to exchange knowledgeabout the ship system. Manager Zhang Tongfei and technical director MingChangyou led the relevant personnel to participate actively.


    At the meeting,Director Wu explained the industry knowledge of the classification of the ship,the basic parameters of the ship, the ship's fuel system and the specificationsto be built to build the ship.During the question and answersession, Craer colleagues actively exchanged and discussed marketing andtechnology research and development.Director Wu pointedout that marketing: 1) identify the service focus, avoid spending too muchenergy on low-value orders; 2) carefully analyze the role of agents, findpractical help for the company's business, And can successfully refer to theagent of the shipping company supplier list; 3) to learn the customer relationshipmaintenance method of Weichai, so that the company has continuous support tocustomers, forming a sustained win-win situation.Technical research anddevelopment aspects: 1) To understand more about ship construction, to find outthe scope of their own technical services, to understand the relevant industrynorms; 2) to understand the dual fuel engine working mode, familiar with how oiland gas are matched; 3) Craer It is possible to develop heat exchangers,double-walled tubes or other more economical equipment for marine andfreshwater marine engines.

    During the exchangestudy, colleagues from all departments expressed great gains, and the exchangeof content will play a vital role in future technology research and developmentand marketing.

    The ship's energysupply reform has already sounded the clarion. With the strong support of thestock company, Craer has changed in time and has not been able to rely on itsunique passion and wisdom to actively adapt to and participate in industrychanges. Dedicated to the development of Houpu!