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  • The Supplier Conference in 2019 is successfully held by Houpu.

  • 2019-04-10

  • On the morning of March 18th, Houpu held 2019 supplier conference in the auditorium which is on the third floor of the administrative building of west headquarters. The theme of the conference is “mutual assistance, cooperation and win-win idea”. General manager Huang Yaohui, members of the management, head of purchasing administration department, head  of QHSE management and 118 supplier representatives from all over the country have attended the conference. On the conference, general manager Huang Yaohui delivered a speech, extended warm welcome to the supplier representatives, emphasized the aim of the conference was to enhance communication and trust, to promote relationship and mutual understanding and to enhance cooperation.


    He put forward that the two parties should obey the cooperative concept of “spirit of contract, craftsmanship spirit, justice and equity” and raised new requirements for suppliers from four aspects: finance, customer, flow and learning growth. Next, Manager Chu from Emerson and Manager Han from China Grand Automotive Services Co., Ltd. made speeches from the perspective of supplier representatives, and both of them expressed they would adhere to the principle of customer priority, focus on product quality, improve product supply speed as well as service quality, and they expressed the determination of making progress and develop together with Houpu.


    Vice general manager Zeng Renquan from the marketing center emphasized again that Houpu was closely related to the suppliers, and Houpu and suppliers should treat each other with all sincerity and share weal and woe. He expressed the expectation of establishing closer strategic cooperation partnership, realizing the combination of strong enterprises and complementing each other's advantages. Yu Xin, head of the QHSE administration department raised requirements for supplier review, product examination, successive improvement and supply perforation evaluation of the suppliers, explained the inspection standard, qualification renewal, abnormal emergency supply, delivery inspection requirements and other requirements, and emphasized comprehensive implementation of supplier quality management for bilateral satisfaction. At the end of the conference, Xiong Hui, head of the purchasing administration department, shared the key work of the purchasing administration department in 2019 from supplier management mechanism, idle stock treatment plan and reducing cooperation cost. The supplier conference has strengthened the understanding and trust between Houpu and each supplier, improved the confidence of mutual cooperation and strengthened the determination of sincere cooperation and joint efforts!