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  • Houpu cooperates with Air Liquide for developing high-end equipment for hydrogen energy in the world

  • 2018-11-14

  • To respond to the national hydrogen development plan and to realize the resource sharing in hydrogen  energy, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Houpu, Sichuan Houpu Zhuoyue Hydrogen Energy Science Co., Ltd. has exchanged infrastructure technologies of hydrogen refueling station with Air Liquide Advanced Technologies S.A.,  the wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Liquide in the western zone base of Houpu On 2nd November , 2018, and an cooperation framework agreement was  achieved between the two companies which decide to fund jointly and to establish a joint company that can manage hydrogen infrastructure research, manufacturing and sales, promote the development of hydrogen industry chain and promote the construction of hydrogen infrastructure of China.

    Picture 1: Air Liquide and Houpu are signing joint cooperation agreement

    Air Liquide was formed in 1902, which has been the largest supplier for industrial gas, medical gas and relevant services in the world. Its staff outnumbered 70,000, and its business was over 80 countries. In 2017, its sales volume reached 20 billion euro. Air Liquide is a listed company of Paris Stock Exchange and a member of CAC40 index and Eurostock 50 index. It has participated in more than 100 (including 70MPa and liquid hydrogen) hydrogen refueling stations in the world and has accumulated rich equipment data of refueling stations and accumulated important refueling station technologies. At present, Houpu has gradually formed service capabilities covering the whole industry chain, such as  engineering design, core component research, outfit integration, systematic platform integration, refueling station installation, debugging, after-sales service, etc. It has successfully developed the design capacity for hydrogen refueling station, development capacity for core components, good relationship with many clients and complete after-sale service system. On speeding up the research and manufacturing for hydrogen dispenser, skid-mounted hydrogen station, hydrogen station control system and remote supervision system, the company keeps on researching the core components of hydrogen stations and tries to break through international monopoly first.

    Picture 2: Manager Jiang is making a speech.

    On the exchange, manager Jiang pointed out the cooperation with Air Liquide aimed at constructing global high-end equipment manufacturing joint company of hydrogen energy. He hoped the strategic collaboration and sincere cooperation of the two companies and the introduction of international advanced hydrogen technologies can realize proprietary intellectual property rights and the manufacturing of hydrogen core equipment and key components, assemble high-end talents and teams from hydrogen energy field of Chengdu and of the whole country, and finally form manufacture center of global hydrogen industry. The new company can not only supply hydrogen equipment products in the world, but can output hydrogen equipment and relevant core parts and components. The cooperation is a strength reflection of Houpu as well as an indication of the social responsibility of the company. In the future, the two cooperative parties will develop their current technology advantaged to the full scope, establish core technology research center of hydrogen industry infrastructure, research 70MPa hydrogen refueling technology and liquid hydrogen refueling technologies, gradually realize domestication of core components of hydrogen energy refueling so as to reduce the investment cost of hydrogen refueling infrastructure and shorter the construction period, and improve competitive force in the market. Bringing in relevant advanced technologies of international hydrogen through international cooperation, assembling high-end talents and enterprises in hydrogen energy field of Chengdu and speeding up to manufacture hydrogen energy infrastructure, to research core technologies and component and to manufacture domesticated production, Houpu will make great contribution for creating Chengdu as the highland of manufacturing global advanced hydrogen equipment and researching hydrogen energy technologies as well as the assembled place for cultivating and outputting talents.