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  • Chengdu Andisoon Measure Co., Ltd. made milestone progress in the test for hydrogen mass flow meter at Zhangjiakou

  • 2018-08-24

  • On 14 August, 2018, the vice general manager Ning Yangzhong and related technical personnel of Chengdu Andisoon Measure Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Andisoon Company” ), together with many experts from National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology (abbreviated as “National Institute of Measurement”), went to Zhangjiakou hydrogen refueling station of Beijing SinoHytec Co., Ltd. Under the practical working condition (35MPa hydrogen), they tested the sample of hydrogen refueling flow meter.


    Picture 1: hydrogen refueling site 01;


    picture 2: hydrogen refueling site 02.

    On the hydrogen refueling site, the technicians of Andisoon Company and experts of National Institute of Measurement tested number 1 and number 2 equipment with static mass method and standard meter method for many times. The test result showed the two hydrogen refueling flow meters both meet the precision requirements of GBT31138-2014 Compressed Hydrogen Dispenser for Vehicles, and their comprehensive properties  are better than hydrogen refueling flow meter than a certain foreign brand. The two meters have won the consistent acknowledgement and high assessment of the experts from National Institute of Measurement as well as clients. The on-site success of test and certification of the  hydrogen refueling flow meter researched by Andisoon Company will make Zhangjiakou hydrogen refueling station the first refueling station  of domestic trade settlement.


    Picture 3: core

    components on the test site—the hydrogen refueling flow meter (the working pressure in the later phase can be elevated to 70MPa) has got the milestone development, successfully broke through imported brand monopoly, and created beneficial breakthrough opportunities for hydrogen outfits of Houpu. Meanwhile, it was significant to improve the technical advantages of hydrogen equipment of Houpu and improve the core competitive force of hydrogen equipment.